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Ranch News from Nan

Posted by Nan on March 30, 2010

We’ve survived another winter season and spring break…it was a busy one!  Many folks came during the Trail Ride in February and stayed through Spring Break…more and more folks are staying longer and longer here at Stillwells.  We’re working on plans for next year, with new and exciting things to do.

We provided shuttle service for folks who floated the Rio Grande…some for a day or two and some for much longer.

The Whitfords were here again for the sixth year.  They played for dances on Saturday nights.  Local folks, Marilyn and Mackey Shackleford gave some Texas Two-Step instructions on a couple of different occasions for those interested in learning to dance the way the Texans do!  Interested campers were able to enjoy Sunday morning Gospel music by the Whitfords.  They played in the museum most other nights of the week.  They were occasionally joined by Omer Mattheiu and Chuck and Barb Schneider.  The Whitfords plan to return in 2011…watch this website for their specific dates.

We had several special programs by rangers from Big Bend National Park, including information on birds, star-gazing,  a park trivia program called “Did You Know?” and “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”.

A special feature last winter was the appearance of Kinley Coyan, a local rancher who is very knowledgable about archeology. He has taken graduate level coursework in archeology as part of a life long interest in the topic. He presented a couple of programs in the museum about Native Americans here in the Big Bend area over the last several thousand years. He used Hallie’s collection of artifacts as well as his own reproductions of arrowheads and other tools as he talked about the history of this area.

On a related topic, we are having our first “Knap-In” next fall (October), which Kinley is helping to organize.  Watch for details about this event on this website. (update: Stillwell Knap-in, October 21-24-2010)

We also had some movie nights in the museum, featuring old westerns such as “The Rounders” and “Stagecoach” (the movie that made John Wayne famous!).

Speaking of movies, we have a new DVD narrated by Hallie, “Recollections of a Pioneer”.  It’s available to view in the museum at your leisure while you’re here at Stillwells, and is also available for purchase. It’s a 18 minute video of the Marivillas Canyon in all its grandeur.  Hallie’s comments are almost spiritual, as she reveals her thoughts about this land she loved so dearly.

Drop by and try out our new porch rockers…hope to see you soon!

6 Responses to “Ranch News from Nan”

  1. Matt Wingo said

    Have not spent the night there yet. Have been to the store many times and have camped at Big Bend every year since 1969.

    I read about all the area, including Mrs Stillwell. I am afraid if I stay there I might cry hurtfully from realiziing the passing of things that will never be again, and those passings that took place on that patch of Stillwell that God so carefully set apart from the rest of the world.

    I am a lifetime lawman , Houston, have seen so much bad and crying did not occur, but this place, this Stillwell of the earth, brings it.

    I will visit yall one day. I wish I knew “yall” and you knew me. Wish I could live in a tent or cabin in your backyards……


  2. David Moffitt said

    Hi Nan,

    What a beautiful summary of yet another great winter season at the Stillwell Store and RV Park! I am so thankful that I was able to enjoy so much of it on my two visits. I’m already “homesick” again and look forward to my next visit. I’ve never met a better group of campers anywhere else I’ve been. Y’all should “patent” your secret formula!

    In the meantime, I hope you get plenty of rain and the summer is not too hot.


  3. Jackie Stillwell said

    Nan, I am planning on comming for the Marathon School Reunion on the 4th of July weekend. Hope to see all of you then. Don’t exactly know what plans are after the reunion and dance on Saturday, but hope to go down to the Store and Big Bend. Let me hear from you. Tell everyone “Hello” for me and I really miss the Big Bend Country. Jackie


  4. Eli and Ruthie Evans said

    Hello Nancy,
    We are most grateful and thankful to have met and talk to you. I am an advocate of living history and you are a prime example. I enjoyed the video at the museum and helping to unload the store supply into your store. I and my wife consider ourselve “people” people, you are what we enjoy, exceptionally good people.
    We hope to see you in October at the “Knap-in”

    Yours Sincerely
    Eli and Ruthie Evans
    Beaumont, Tx.


  5. Bob and claire Lees said

    Hi Nan, Sure miss going to stillwell, this will be the second winter that we were in Mesa but could not find the time to come south to see you. I am in the process of writing a book about camping across North America and Canada. Stillwell ranch is in the book, with mention of you and Hallie. Also my goose is cooked and I’ll gather my geese. I will let you know when it is published. Thanks and take care , Bob and Claire


  6. […] Ranch News from Nan […]


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