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Archive for July, 2010

Stillwell Knap-In, October 21-24, 2010

Posted by Nan on July 15, 2010

Update on Kinley Coyan: from Ranch News from Nan

A special feature last winter was the appearance of Kinley Coyan, a local rancher who is very knowledgable about archeology.  He has taken graduate level coursework in archeology as part of a life long interest in the topic. He presented a couple of programs in the museum about Native Americans here in the Big Bend area over the last several thousand years.  He used Hallie’s collection of artifacts as well as his own reproductions of arrowheads and other tools as he talked about the history of this area.  Kinley is also a world class flintknapper (arrowhead-maker) who can sometimes be found demonstrating his skill on the Stillwell’s porch.  You can read about him at .  (He has his own gallery listed.) You can also contact him at  Watch for him again next year at Stillwell’s… it is a special treat to watch him work and hear him talk about the past here in the Big Bend area.

He is also hosting the first annual Stillwell Knap-In on October 21-24, 2010.  Call the Stillwells (432.376.2244) to reserve a campsite to be a part of this event.  You’ll be able to see several flint-knappers, including Kinley, demonstrating their skills.  You don’t have to be a flint-knapper to participate in this free Knap-In.  (There is no fee for the Knap-In, but the usual camping fees will apply.)   Be sure to allow extra days to enjoy the Big Bend National Park as well as more of this beautiful area.

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Summertime at Stillwell Ranch

Posted by Nan on July 12, 2010

Well,  here it is the middle of July.  We have had some very nice rains and I might say it is looking “BEAUTIFUL”.  It is so green it almost hurts your eyes to look at the hills across from the store.

’till next time,

happy trails,


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Getting To Know Hallie Stillwell

Posted by Nan on July 11, 2010

“We found Hallie holding court at the Stillwell Store, always welcoming, friendly to all, accommodating the curious among us with any one of the many anecdotes that she seemed to effortlessly recall from a library full of experiences she had acquired during her rather full life at the ranch along the Maravillas.” — Derek Carroll

Please read the rest of Getting to Know Hallie Stillwell by Derek Carroll.  Derek is our friend who created a documentary film about Hallie titled Recollections of a Pioneer.  You can order a copy at Javelina Waltz or just come by the Stillwell Store and buy yourself a copy.

Recollections of a Pioneer

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