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Nan travels Up North

Posted by Nan on August 11, 2010

In Michigan, I had a great time with The Whitfords.  At a party in my honor, various folks from Michigan and elsewhere showed up for a visit.  From the Reed City/Hersey, Michigan area were Larry and Suzi Neiderhyde, Phil and Wendy Noder, Chuck and Barb Schneider, and Terry and Jan Teesdale, all of whom have stayed at the Stillwells Ranch and RV Park.   Other Stillwell regulars who came to the party were Ed and MaryLou Rothgarber from Suttons Bay, Bonny Everett and Dutch Zonderman also from Suttons Bay, Carol and Glen Dunn from Lansing, Josh and Abby Whitford and Heather Imhoff from Wyoming, MI, and Mary Meyer from Indiana.  Uhl and Nancy Donovan from South Dakota surprised everyone when they drove in during the party.

I stayed at The Whitfords for several days. They took me around Michigan quite a bit.  I got to see Lake Michigan, Sleeping Bear Dunes, the Traverse City/Suttons Bay areas, and the Leelenau Peninsula, all thanks to Ed and MaryLou, who live in Suttons Bay.  Eldon and Ann took me to the “flat-land” farming area of central Michigan, where I met Eldon’s parents, Gene & Dorothy Whitford, and Ann’s mom, Mary Sievert.  I also got to the Grand Rapids area, where I flew in, and visited Josh and Heather.  I also met the Reed City McDonald’s morning coffee group…who filled me in on a lot of local gossip and tall tales, including the Dogman of Luther.  I met Abby’s mom, Elyse Ermatinger, too.

Michigan is beautiful, green, and wet!  The green and wet part doesn’t happen often at Stillwells!!

After Michigan, I’ll continue on to Minnesota for a long weekend near Duluth, including the barn-warming party hosted by Dene and Sally Halvorsen, long-time Stillwell campers.

2 Responses to “Nan travels Up North”

  1. What a treat to have Nan visit in Michigan! We love being at the Stillwells, so it was nice to have her see how we live “Up North”!


  2. carolyn welch said

    concerned- we have been going by stillwells for the last few years aftering retiring- we loved talking to nan and sharing her experences with her- when we were in big bend this spring the ranger shared that nans health was not real good- so we opted not to stop by but will get by this fall- im writing to tell miss nan we r praying for her and hope to find her fit as a fiddle soon-please drop me a note to verify nans health thanks agai- carolyn welch


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