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Nan’s Goodbye Hug

Posted by Chris Jefferies on July 28, 2012

Marie Nannette Patton: July 19, 1949 – July 26, 2012

Nan slipped out peacefully in her sleep into the great mystery… She wanted to say goodbye so we’re posting this image of her, The Goodbye Hug. Feel free to leave comments, stories, tall tales here, or on her Facebook Page.


The Goodbye Hug

The Goodbye Hug

29 Responses to “Nan’s Goodbye Hug”

  1. Mike Shields said

    So sorry to here that Nan died, please except my heart felt condolence and extend them to the family for me.
    What will happen to the Stillwell Ranch ?
    It’s was such a great story and piece of Texas History.
    I’m sure I’m speaking for thousands of people from all over America hoping it stays in the Stillwell family.


  2. Ann said

    Nan…thanks for so many winters of fun at Stillwells. We plan to be there next winter, too, as we promised you we would. We’ll be singing “Nan’s Burritoes”, etc. but it won’t be the same without you. Hope you’ll be watching and listening from somewhere! Love you, Bye! Ann Whitford


  3. Tom and Jeanne Petit said

    Lovely picture of a lovely lady. We miss you already Nan. Thanks for the many, many years of smiles. You will always be a part of the memories of the wonderful times we spent at the ranch. You loved life and were loved by many in return. Rest in peace, our dear friend.


  4. fred patton said

    Love you Mom! I miss you already.
    Thanks Ann & Mike… hope to see you soon.
    Fred (freddy)


    • Wanda Mosel said

      Words can’t express my feelings when I found out yesterday about Nan.I tried calling Kay,but she must have changed phone #’s. Brenda Trudeau & I are 1st cousins,needless to say I spent a lot of time on the Stillwell Ranch & enjoying Nan & the rest of the bunch. Fred think of the happy times.I love you all. Wanda Starns


  5. Gary & Brenda Chapman said

    Gary & I were only there a couple of times a year . Short visits , since 1999. We will always remember her with a smile. Always a friend, never a stranger. It was more than fun NaN.. It was life.
    Thank you for all the great hugs and smiles. You were a true blessing in my life.

    Brenda Chapman
    Kerr County, Texas


  6. Carol Mattox said

    We were only there one time for a week during the trail ride had a very good time and will always remember our expierences Sorry to hear about Nan, she was a true western Lady Jerry and Carol Mattox Columbus Ks


  7. Lynne said

    Nan, you have a very special place in my heart and I will miss you dearly. You were truly a delight to be around and you made our stay at Stillwell very special. All the fun stories by the campfire and in the museum will be cherished, and I’m sure someone will be making those delicious Nan’s burritos next winter when we return. And I know you’ll be watching from somewhere to ensure we’re having a great time kicking our heels to the music and adventures at the ranch, love
    Lynne Morse


  8. Buddy Mahan, Jimmy Dixon, Gary Dixon and Ethan Dixon said

    We wish Nan a very peaceful journey and our heart felt condolences for the loss of a great woman. She will be terribly missed by us and any other regular visitors to the Stillwell and Black Gap areas. All of the Strawn Bunch were saddened by her loss. The loss of this matriarch is beyond words. Rest well Ms Nan, we love and will miss you.


  9. Daniel Eaton, Marathon VFD, Chalk Draw Ranch said

    The Big Bend is missing another great woman. God Bless all of you that have taken care of her in her final days. We need more people like Nan, Kay and John in this world.


  10. Chris Jefferies said

    Posted: Sunday, July 29, 2012 8:31 pm in the Alpine Avalanche:

    Marie Nannette Patton, 63, of Alpine, passed away at Odessa Home Hospice on Thursday, July 26, 2012.
    A Graveside Service will be held at 10 a.m. at the Marathon Cemetery on Monday, July 30.

    She was born in Alpine, Texas on July 19, 1949. She had worked as a systems analyst with AT&T for 27 years.
    She is survived by her son, Fred Jack Patton, Jr. of Arlington; two sisters, Emily Kay Pizzini of San Antonio, Linda Perron of Austin; and a brother, Travis Potter of Dallas. She is also survived by one granddaughter, and special friends Barbie Maher and Claire Misghet.

    She was preceded in death by her sister, Marlene Harrisson of San Antonio, Texas.


  11. David Moffitt said

    One of the things i will miss most about the Big Bend are those “good-bye hugs” from Nan whenever I left that motivated me to return as often as I could.


  12. Tommy & Betty Hamilton said

    Nan’s friendliness and delightful sense of humor had a way of making strangers feel at home. We will certainly miss her, but we know others will carry on the friendly tradition in her honor.


  13. Lance Ellisor said

    I just learned of Nan’s passing. I hug her back.


  14. William Chisum D/FW said

    My friends and I have hunted in Black Gap for the last 12 years and every year we visited we got to know Nan a little better. We always looked forward to seeing her and getting some of her awesome burritos as much as we did chasing the quail! She was always so good to us and made us feel right at home. She will be dearly missed.


  15. Joyce and Ed Engelhardt said

    We have good memories of Nan at the store on our last visit and how when she began to tell a story everyone became quiet and listened attentively. It does sadden one to think of such a treasured era is no more. However, the legacy of Halle and Nan and families will live on forever. Our son Bruce will never forget his visits and interviews with Halle. And there are Frank and Bobbie Dees that brought us back video of Halle’s 100th birthday. We had just listened to one of Halle’s tapes from ’92 just this week. My sister Jan and I noticed the “ring” on Nan’s hug photo. Jan took a great photo of Nan wearing the ring and holding the photo of Halle wearing the same. Did Nan finish her book she was writing maybe six years ago? Admirers of your story,


  16. Such a sweet lady. Only had the pleasure of getting to know her over the last few years but she always made our group feel welcome at the ranch and it won’t be quite the same without her.


  17. Karen Caldwell Nichols said

    I was so saddened to hear of Nannette’s passing. I went to school with her from the time I moved to San Antonio in 1962 where she was the first person to befriend me. Her mom was my PE teacher at Garner Jr. High. We had many a sleepover at her house and I remember all her stories about her grandmother in Alpine. At the time I wasn’t aware that Hallie Stillwell was a legend. It wasn’t until I received my Texas Monthly magazine a few years back and saw her on the cover that I read the article and confirmed it was the same Hallie that Nannette Potter (Patton) had told me about all those years ago. More years passed after that until I finally found her on the internet and emailed her; we met at a restaurant in Austin where we had lunch with her (along with Fred and his wife and daughter) and caught up on what had happened in our lives. My intention was always to make a drive to Big Bend and visit her, because she was one of those memorable people that you just never want to lose. Now she has slipped away, along with my chance to see her one more time. MacArthur High School will have its 45th reunion in spring of 2013, and all of us who knew her will grieve that she won’t be there to visit. What a gift that she touched so many lives with her wit and kindness.


  18. Rene & Jim said

    We had the pleasure of stumbling into Stillwell last winter, and will absolutely return to stay a while. Nan, it won’t be the same without you but I know your magic will never leave the place, I know your spirit will always be there to put a smile on our faces. Thank you for all you did to make Stillwell such a magical adventure. Kay, our hearts go out to you and your family.


  19. Yolanda Deatherage said

    We are so saddened to hear of Nan’s passing. We camp there twice a year and always enjoyed visiting with Nan. Her smile, her stories, and her burritos were priceless. We will truly miss her.
    Jack & Yolanda Deatherage


  20. Nancy Abrams said

    Very sad to hear of Nan’s passing, but as I came to the Stillwell website to prepare for my upcoming trip (not quite sure what I was looking for . . . I know what’s there) I had a hunch I would not be seeing Nan this time or hearing her great stories. The place will not be the same without her but I am sure she has left it in capable hands. My visits there, I saw how she touched so many people with her charm–and she was one of the reasons this Californian LOVES Texas (and its people)! Goodby Nan, hope to see memories of you in the Hall of Fame Museum. And I hope you were able to lay your delightful stories down before you left us.


  21. Nancy Reed Smith said

    Nannette will always be remembered as a kind and giving person. Nannette and I grew up on the same street. As children we were always doing something to entertain ourselves; riding horses, cooking out in the field behind the houses, hiking, riding bikes, swimming, and so much more. Nannette and I touched base seldom, but we both kept the memories of childhood dear. When my husband died, Nannette attended the funeral and to my surprise, she heard that it was our daughter’s birthday. She went from the funeral to a toy store and purchased a ‘Cabbage Patch’ doll for my daughter. That was Nannette; giving, caring, life-long friend, and human being who walked in grace. Even today, after months have passed since her goodbye, Nannette is remembered fondly and her very presence here on earth is missed.


  22. Mari Bailey(-Villanueva), Mountain Home, Texas said

    When I retired from Southwestern Bell I lost track of my dear friend of many years: Nanette Patton, whom I first met in the engineering department at 8800 Broadway in San Antonio. I didn’t worry about losing her email address, because we had always agreed that she could ever and always be found through her mom and the Stillwell Ranch association and that she would get back there (from working in downtown Dallas at the time) as soon as she could. I thus looked forward to her retiring from the telco and heading out to Big Bend where we could meet again, as we did for the 4L Centennial and Ms. Hallie’s 100th birthday party – two of the most enjoyable and memorable occasions of my life!

    She always told people that I had a ‘shrine’ in my home dedicated to her grandmother, Ms. Hallie, and to this day I think of Nan whenever I look at my ‘collection’ of Ms. Hallie ‘memorabilia’. That is what prompted my search for Nan today and I am without words to learn that she has passed. Truly the world is a sadder place without her wonderful warm welcoming smile, personality and generous spirit! Oh, how she could make me laugh! My regret at not having made the effort to find her sooner is enormous. I thus thank whoever took that beautiful portrait of her genuine big smile and then too the ‘farewell’ hug. They mean a great deal to me.

    Nanette always loved the photograph entitled “Hallie’s Hands” and it made me smile to see Nan’s hands in the ‘hug’ photo – her hands now also showing the experiences of a life well spent.

    Nan, we shall have to meet again at a later date, if I’m lucky enough to find my way to Heaven. I know that you’re there, now in your own glory and with your beloved grandmother Ms. Hallie, who is undoubtedly now as proud of you as you always were of her.

    Thanks to everyone who shared bits and pieces of their memories with Nan. They have helped ease my shock.

    Fred, if you read this, please know that it was nice to find out where you are nowadays. It’s been many, many years since the days of your training your dog “Sissy” in obedience (and that neighbor’s house painted a blue that, according to your mom, “glowed in the dark” , but I remember it like was yesterday. I hope it doesn’t embarrass you that I mention something so long ago, but everyone should know that you did the obedience training well and your mom was always so proud of you for that and everything else you did! She was so very proud of her family and I remain thrilled that she obviously became so involved out at the ranch and museum! All the best to you and your family, Fred!


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