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Nan’s Smile

Posted by Chris Jefferies on July 28, 2012

Marie Nannette Patton: July 19, 1949 – July 26, 2012

12 Responses to “Nan’s Smile”

  1. ron anderson said

    Vacations to Big Bend now = 4 trips = 1 week each. Best time is Sept. thru April . Love the country and your operation is top notch….. I live in Katy Texas but would like to stay longer or live there… THANKS


    • Kay Ballentine said

      I live in Katy too and we also love to camp at the Stillwell Ranch! Glad to hear that the best time is Sept through April. We usually go in march but this year, we decided to try it at the end of the year!


      • ron said

        Just read your comment.. I go in Jan . for the past 4 years… Cold ( cool ) but beats the heat . Sometimes it gets crowded but make reservations before you go or stay in your car…


  2. Mike Shields said

    Good to see Nan’s smile, makes me wish we were there.
    Hope Nan and everyone is well.
    Did u guys ever get any Rain, we were there last year right after Xmas an Nan said it hadn’t rained in 2 yrs.


  3. Ann said

    This is the Nan I most remember…big smile, great story, and a witty remark for every occasion….Ann


  4. Cindy said

    Yes, this is the Nan I first met……..a very special lady……….you will always be with us…..


  5. fred patton said

    I haven’t seen that pretty smile in a while… God I miss you!


  6. Lynne said

    What a beautiful photo and just as I remember you, and you always had that gleam in your eye whenever you were ready to get Gary out dancing – I’ll sure miss all the laughs and great stories we shared, love


  7. David Moffitt said

    Thanks, Nan, for the positive influence you’ve had on so many of our lives throughout the years. And, special thanks for being your “favorite dance partner.”


  8. We met Nan on our very first RV trip, we arrived intending to stay for a few days and stayed almost a month. Nan made our stay in the area very special and we’ve never had burritos to match hers. Thanks Nan for all the smiles and hugs. God Bless.


  9. Jeff and Lea Ann Nairn said

    Jeff and Lea Ann, we have have been going to Big Bend every year, sometimes twice a year since 1994. We have always stayed at the Stillwells and have enjoyed our friendship with everyone there. Nan has always treated us as if we were family. While you are gone in body, your spirt will remain in the Bend forever. Love Ya Nan!



    We are getting ready for a trip to Stillwell. This will be the third trip since we last see Nan’s smile as we drove out. And I miss her as much as ever. She was a wonderful woman that I enjoyed sharing shopping time with when we were at Stillwell after Ike. I will listen for one of her stories in the wind~~~


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