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Hall of Fame

The Hallie Stillwell Hall of Fame Museum – Honoring A West Texas Legend

The Hallie Stillwell Hall of Fame

Hallie Crawford Stillwell helped settle West Texas; most formidable land, the Big Bend, in the early 20th century. She fought drought, disease, the depression, and desperadoes! “Tough,” she says, “You had to be tough to survive!” To preserve her ranching legacy and pioneering spirit, Hallie’s Hall of Fame Museum was built in 1991.

Along with the museum, Hallie’s legacy is captured in her autobiography, I’ll Gather My Geese and in her follow-up book, My Goose Is Cooked. Turn back the hands of time as your turn the pages of this fascinating piece of West Texas history. Call Stillwell Store at 432-376-2244 to order your copy today!

Released in the Fall of 2009, is the documentary about Hallie Stillwell, Recollections of a Pioneer by Derek Carroll.

Also, try to pick up the January, 2008 issue of Texas Highways and read the article about Hallie – Hallie Country by Dale Weisman.

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